MWM Moments and Milestones

Join us on our journey through 100 years of MWM brand history – from 1922 to 2022. In our virtual timeline which along with the MWM anniversary quiz will be completed with years and achievements, you can revisit the most important milestones of MWM. Apart from the official steps taken to develop the brand and its logo, the timeline will also include various exciting anecdotes about historic moments and technological innovations of MWM. Accompanied by historical photographs and images, the texts of the individual MWM milestones feature fascinating background information on the brand’s history.

Do you have any special MWM moment, e.g. a newsworthy anecdote or a nice experience in connection with MWM, which you would like to share with us? Please go ahead! Send us your personal moment in the form of a text, video, or audio file to press@mwm.net. Following an editorial review, your post might be published on our MWM anniversary website.

We will successively add these and other milestones and moments to the timeline. There is no claim to completeness.

Foundation of Motoren-Werke Mannheim A.-G.

On April 22, 1922, the sale of Benz & Cie.’s Stationary Engine Building department was finalized under a spin-off agreement. The new company operated under the name “Motoren-Werke Mannheim A.-G. vorm. Benz, Abt. stationärer Motorenbau”.

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Installation of a Large MWM Engine in “Minna Horn”

A large MWM engine was supplied for a freighter.

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MWM applies to Imperial Patent Office for trademark registration

In January 1923, Motoren-Werke Mannheim A.-G. applied to the Imperial Patent Office for registration of the trademark showing the now well-known abbreviation “MWM” along with a climbing iron in the background.

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MWM motorhorse revolutionizes transportation

With its two-cylinder four-stroke prechamber diesel engine, the MWM motorhorse was the first product to demonstrate the performance and possibilities of the diesel engine in Germany. A total of 558 MWM motorhorses were produced and delivered from 1924 to 1931.

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Renaming to “Carl-Benz-Strasse”

In honor of Carl Benz, two streets in Mannheim were renamed to “Carl-Benz-Strasse” (Carl-Benz-Street) in 1925.

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Launch of MWM RS Diesel Engine Series

After the RH diesel engine series, MWM introduced the fast-running RS variant in 1928.

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First MWM Advertising Brochure for Gas Engines of the RH Type

The MWM gas engines of the RH type were manufactured and modified on the basis of the design of the MWM diesel engines. The first MWM advertising brochure for RH gas engines was published in 1930.

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MWM Designs Its First Vehicle Engine

The development of MWM vehicle diesel engines opened the way for the use of MWM diesel engines in the trucks of many transport companies.

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MWM Develops Small Diesel Engines in Record Time

In the 1930s, MWM developed small diesel engines in order to meet growing customer demands.

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New Design for MWM RH Diesel Engines

In the 1930s, the proven MWM RH diesel engines were redesigned.

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