MWM Moments and Milestones

Join us on our journey through 100 years of MWM brand history – from 1922 to 2022. In our virtual timeline which along with the MWM anniversary quiz will be completed with years and achievements, you can revisit the most important milestones of MWM. Apart from the official steps taken to develop the brand and its logo, the timeline will also include various exciting anecdotes about historic moments and technological innovations of MWM. Accompanied by historical photographs and images, the texts of the individual MWM milestones feature fascinating background information on the brand’s history.

Do you have any special MWM moment, e.g. a newsworthy anecdote or a nice experience in connection with MWM, which you would like to share with us? Please go ahead! Send us your personal moment in the form of a text, video, or audio file to press@mwm.net. Following an editorial review, your post might be published on our MWM anniversary website.

We will successively add these and other milestones and moments to the timeline. There is no claim to completeness.

Ship Engine Restored After 65 Years

In 2018, an accident ended the service life of the motor cargo ship “Glück-Auf”, built in 1932. In 1956, the shipping company Götz KG in Neckarsteinach had purchased the MWM RH 335-SU ship engine (310 hp/500 rpm) to replace the previous engine.

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Generator Set Production Department Wins MWM Soccer Tournament

The world cup won by the German soccer team in Bern, Switzerland, in 1954 was doubtlessly one of the reasons why the colleagues in some departments decided to play soccer together.

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Performance Boost in Tractor Engines

A good idea and its successful implementation enables a performance increase of MWM engines for use in farm tractors.

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MWM heat pump for single-family and two-family homes

Energy-saving heat pumps for single-family and two-family homes are not a new topic. The oil crisis in the 1970s had already raised awareness of more economical energy consumption.

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Exciting mission in Bordeaux

After more than four decades of working together, MWM is more than “just” a factory for Rolf Gruber. Here he talks about his special moment on the stern trawler “Commandant Gue”.

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Watermelons in the Desert

In August 1975, Norbert Eisinger inspected to inspect the construction site for a large power station for the oasis town Ghadames in Libya, about 600 km southwest of Tripoli.

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Beer Production at Lofty Heights

Altiplano brewery Huari in Bolivia had placed an order for a new power generator set. The main issue was the altitude of 3,742 m, which would make the adjustment of the turbocharger tricky.

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Firmly Established in the Desert Sand

Three giant generator sets with an electrical output of 4,000 kW each were delivered to Saudi Arabia, a major feat. The huge units were moved by heavy transport to the Rhine port and subsequently overland from Jeddah.

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“Moments” to Bring Light into the Darkness

In 1985, an MWM RS 127 S twin engine system was shown in a presentation to KHD AG. However, we have not (yet) been able to find out what the system was used for.

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Controlling on Edge: Engineering Costs Not Considered?

In 1985, I had already been with the Hamburg office of MWM for three years. At the time, the company was working on the “Fleet Service Ships” project of the German marine. MWM was eager to get a contract for two engines and board generator sets.

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