Cogeneration overview

Cogeneration boasts a number of advantages over conventional energy generation. Distributed CHP plants generate eco-friendly power and heat, making optimum use of the primary energy.

Cogeneration & Trigeneration

Combined energy generation or the use of power and heat or cold enables energy savings of up to 60 percent. Learn more about cogeneration, trigeneration and the underlying technology. more ...

Press Release

Biogas variants of MWM TCG 2020 gas engines with enhanced squish pistons for higher electrical efficiency with biogas. more ...


Gas engines / power generators for CHP plants

MWM's gas engines, power generators, gensets and plants comprise an output range from 400 kWel to 10,300 kWel and can be operated with natural gas, shale gas and mine gas. more ...

Heat Utilization

Cogeneration installations generate mechanic energy and warmth for heating purposes or for production processes. more ...

Plant visualization via SCADA

With SCADA as a supplement to TEM and TPEM, MWM offers customized solutions for optimum integration and visualization of the gas generator set in industrial applications. more ...

References Cogeneration & Trigeneration

Delhi Land Finance (DLF), India

DLF had been looking for custom-tailored energy solutions for five different buildings. The answer was the use of coolant heat for the generation of heating water and the use of the exhaust gas heat in absorption refrigerators for cooling.


The energy supply center of the GLOBALFOUNDRIES chip factory in Dresden, Germany, opted for the MWM engines because of the high quality of the electricity produced by this system.

Munich Airport, Germany

Two TCG 2032 V16 units were added to the existing MWM engines. Using trigeneration, 7.44 MW of electricity, 8.7 MW of heat, and 5.3 MW of cold are produced and used to supply buildings and hangars.

Press Releases Cogeneration & Trigeneration

Mannheim | 06.06.2012

Cogeneration at Düsseldorf International Airport: Reliable energy for the future

Reliable energy for the future – combined heat and power plant with gas engines and power generators from MWM.

Mannheim | 27.11.2013

Cogeneration in Italy

Intergen with MWM gas engines one of the leading companies in the Italian market for cogeneration.

Mannheim | 29.07.2013

Cogeneration in Malaysia

MWM to be pioneering in Malaysia, Lattermann says.

Mannheim | 07.08.2013

Landfill gas plant with MWM gensets

New CHP plant in Malatya, Turkey will generate 1.2 MW of power.

Mannheim | 01.07.2013

MWM Container Cogeneration Plant

British landfill operator Renewable Power Systems orders containerised CHP plant with MWM gas engine.

Mannheim | 20.08.2013

MWM container cogeneration plant in Ireland

Edina wins contracts for three high profile CHP projects in Ireland using MWM gas engines.



Produce cost-efficient energy by yourself (PDF)

The industry brochure tells about efficiency as well as secure and integrable energy supply with CHP Plus. It includes an economic calculation. View PDF


Gas engine TCG 2032

3,000 - 4,500 kWel

High availability, low installation costs. All gas types: natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, mine gas, coke oven gas. Mainly used in large IPP projects with up to 100 MWel.