Gas Engine Control via SCADA

MWM offers various gas engine and cogeneration plant (CHP) control constellations, from simple genset controls for secure and efficient operation to turnkey solutions such as control unit containers including transformer and emergency power supply.

Highlights in MWM's portfolio include the Total Electronic Management (TEM) and SCADA. TEM is MWM's comprehensive control system for all gas engine and system operation parameters. SCADA serves the plant control via the web and comprises the visualization of gas engine and CHP plant data via smart server access. In this way, the cogeneration plant can be controlled over the customer network or via internet connection.

MWM SCADA features the following visualization options:

  • Dynamic single-line diagram
  • Gas engine and cogeneration (CHP) plant control with start request and output specification
  • Presentation of key plant data
  • P&ID with display of key TEM and generator data; presentation of the dry coolers, ventilation, and lubricant supply
  • Central display of all operating and fault messages of the TEM modules (gas engines) and the multi-function devices (generators) via interface
  • Historical chart of voltage U1/U2, current L1, frequency, active and reactive power
  • Integrated alarm line for real-time display of warnings and malfunctions
  • Parameterization of all other required settings (language and user management). By default, the factory state includes English and German.

SCADA is delivered in pre-configured form with 15 or 19" touch panel. A network connection is available for the direct connection of customers. This enables real-time display of key values and states from the MWM control and the TEM on another customer system.

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