Biogas Plant Géotexia, France

Biogas plant Geotaxia France

Facts & Figures

Genset / gas engine (R 066): 2 x TCG 2016 V16 containerized
Segment / gas type: Biogas from pork manure and industrial fats
Customer: Géotexia, France
Total output: 1.6 MWel
Commissioning: November 2011

The biogas plant in the Bretagne, France uses pork manure and industrial fats to produce around 700m3 of biogas per hour. The biogas is used in 2 containerized TCG 2016 V16 C. The special feature of this plant is the complete recycling of the fermentation residues for dry an liquid fertilizers. Also the waste water is cleaned in a hydrolyse an reverse osmosis and then used for irrigation of a wood plantation.