Energieversorgung Nordhausen GmbH, Germany

Energieversorgung Nordhausen GmbH, Deutschland
Genset / gas engine: 4 x TCG 2020 V20
Segment / gas type: natural gas
Customer: Energieversorgung Nordhausen GmbH, Germany
Total output: 8,000 kWel and 8,000 kWth
Commissioning: 1994 / after engine replacement 2017

The cogeneration plant “Mitte” is one of three cogeneration plants run by Energieversorgung Nordhausen GmbH. It is the largest of the three cogeneration plants and, with its operating history of about 24 years, the city’s oldest.

Modernization to Ensure Stability of Supply: Engine replacement with four modern MWM gas engines with a total output of 8,000 kW. For the four new MWM TCG 2020 V20 gas engines, a comprehensive maintenance agreement has been concluded with the MWM service center in Erfurt. In this way, MWM engineers and EVN ensure the reliable and hassle-free operation of Nordhausen’s power and heat supply.

Reference Case Energieversorgung Nordhausen GmbH

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