Stadtwerke München Services GmbH, Germany

Messe München
Genset / gas engine: 1 x TCG 2020 V16
Segment / gas type: natural gas
Customer: Stadtwerke München Services GmbH, Germany
Total output: 1,624 kWel and 1,515 kWth
Commissioning: 2015

Together with the operator Messe München GmbH, the Munich City Utilities developed a comprehensive modernization and gas engine replacement concept for the cogeneration power plant. The old gas engine was to be replaced with a new one of the same output category. The cogeneration plant technology upgrade took place by means of a bid procedure. 

MWM TCG 2020 V16 gas engine

The Munich City Utilities (Stadtwerke München Services GmbH) opted for the MWM TCG 2020 V16 genset, a gas engine type that delivers more efficiency, reduced emissions, improved profitability, and longer maintenance intervals. The modernized cogeneration power plant yields 1.5 MW of electrical energy and more than 1.6 MW of heat energy and enables carbon savings of about 630 t/year thanks to the efficient engine technology.

Reference Case Messe München GmbH

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