Specifications and Service Intervals - TCG 2032

Dimensions and weights

TCG 2032 V12 TCG 2032 V16
Engine type 50 Hz 60 Hz* 50 Hz 60 Hz*
Length mm 7860 8000 9200 9420
Width mm 2660 2660 2690 2690
Height/td> mm 3390 3390 3390 3390
Dry weight genset kg 43100 42500 51400 51450
Bore / stroke mm 260/320 260/320 260/320 260/320

* On request

Service intervals

  First service (check valve clearance) Mixture cooler cleaning Cylinder head inspection Major overhaul
Natural gas 4,000 oh 20,000 oh 40,000 oh 80,000 oh

MWM Premium Antifreeze -20

High-performance coolant for MWM diesel and gas engines

MWM gas engine Premium oil

Test MWM Premium oil for gas engines

Spare parts

Click here to order spare parts for MWM gas engines and gensets.

CHP ROI Calculator

Calculate the profitability of MWM cogeneration power plants and gas engines.

Gas engines & Products

Gas Engine TCG 3020 V20

2,300 kWel

The Multi-Purpose Talent. Smart, secure plant control. Higher output and profitability despite compact design.

Gas engine TCG 3016

400 - 1,000 kWel

New development – greatly reduced operating and installation costs and fully digitized power plant control.

Modular Power Plant

Perfect modularity for a faster start of operations. Various customized solutions for the TCG 2032 gas engine.

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