Gas Engine 3042

Gas Engine TCG 3042 V20

9,830 - 10,300 kWel

The highly efficient, space-saving MWM engine excels in natural gas applications, offering high profitability, flexibility, and maximum electrical efficiency.

TCG 3042: Big on Performance, small on Space.

Maximum Efficiency, Fast Installation, Optimum Space Utilization

  • Output range from 9,830 kWel to 10,300 kWel
  • Best total efficiency of 93 percent and best electrical efficiency of 48 percent
  • Suitable for all natural gas applications in countries with 50 and 60 Hz networks
  • Fewer components through modular design and integral structure ensure moderate need for space compared to conventional designs
  • Greatly reduced operating costs through easy maintenance and long maintenance intervals
  • For cogeneration power plant applications, it is also possible to toggle between summer and winter mode

The MWM gas engines of the TCG 3042 series are spark-ignited engines that make use of the lean-burn principle. The single-stage turbocharged, charge air cooled 20-cylinder engines achieve an electrical efficiency of up to 48 percent and a total efficiency of up to 93 percent. The natural gas-fired gensets reach outputs of 9,830 kWel to 10,300 kWel with a consistently high efficiency. Furthermore, the use of a spark plug-operated pre-combustion chamber enables combustion with low emissions.

Description - Gas Engine TCG 3042

Future-Proof through High Flexibility

  • Suitable for all natural gas applications in countries with 50 and 60 Hz networks
  • Configurations are available for high setup altitudes, high intake air temperatures, and various fuel gas types with different methane numbers
  • Depending on the application scenario, the TCG 3042 can be optimized for combined heat and power (CHP) generation or for power generation only 
  • For cogeneration power plant applications, it is also possible to toggle between summer and winter mode
  • Two differently designed coolant circuits can be combined with three different thermodynamic engine layouts

Easy Installation in Small Spaces

  • Reduced complexity of standard modular design allows an easy and quick installation of the gas engine
  • The modest need for space between gensets saves space when installing multiple engines

Easy Maintenance, Low Operating Costs

  • High reliability, modular design, and integral structure reduce the number of components by 40 percent compared to conventional designs and facilitate the maintenance of the gas engine
  • Easy maintenance in conjunction with long maintenance intervals results in low operating costs and a long service life
  • High availability and accessibility through monobloc, dry engine block with integrated charge air channel and oil pipe

Reliability and Availability

  • Reliable, proven, highly efficient single-stage turbocharging system
  • Classification company standards ensure high reliability and quality
  • Smart simplicity ensures a robust engine platform
  • Optimized maintenance plans ensure high availability and durability

Optimized for Isolated Operation and Non-ISO Conditions

  • Load response is possible in only six steps
  • Fast and reliable supply in the event of grid failures or in isolated operation
  • The modular structure optimizes the engine for operation with low methane number, setup at high altitudes, or high outside temperatures

Video: TCG 3042. Strong & Efficient

MWM TCG 3042. Strong & Efficient

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MWM TCG 3042. Strong & Efficient

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