MWM Newsflash 03 // Juni 2013

03 // June 2013

TOP STORY // New container test facility

New container test facility put into operation

New container test facility put into operation

MWM recently put a new container test facility into operation for an investment of some € 1.5 million. It consists of a CHP container with a TCG 2016 V16 gas engine genset. With this electrical output and the factory's own CHP plant, MWM is capable of producing electricity for the factory's own needs and even feeding electricity into the public grid of the local energy utility.
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A success story in 1,108,000 operating hours

At Munich Airport, MWM gas engines ensure that passengers will never be grounded. A total of nine gensets have been in operation for more than one million hours in the airport's own combined heat and power (CHP) plant. Since its opening in 1992, the airport has worked in a spirit of partnership with the MWM Service Center in Munich. mehr ...

Country and its people

Practical Semester in Singapore

In the fall of last year, MWM employee and student Maraike Mandel spent some three months at MWM Asia Pacific in Singapore as part of a practical phase of her studies. The time went by for her at an incredible speed. Here you can read about her impressions of the country, the people and work at MWM in Singapore. mehr ...

Professional development / Training

Early involvement in production processes

Commercial technical trainees at MWM are trained in real-life conditions for real-life operations. Whether it involves fundamentals and refresher seminars in the training center or practical work on real projects in the respective technical departments - individual initiative, a sense of responsibility and the willingness to achieve are all qualities developed in and required of the young people. mehr ...

Did you know that ...?

Incredible but true from the world of MWM

MWM looks back on a tradition of more than 140 years, with an omnipresent spirit of innovation. The establishment of the "Mechanische Werkstätte" (Mechanical Workshop) by automobile pioneer Carl Benz in Mannheim in 1871 marked the beginning of the era of gas engines. Over more than a dozen decades, the enthusiasm and innovative drive of engineers have produced an ongoing flow of new developments and contributed to MWM's current position as one of the leading providers of gas engines and power generators - which are sold from Mannheim to the whole world. mehr ...

News in brief

Kurz notiert

Flickr in a new design

Since we re-launched our website, we use the Flickr platform for the presentation and download of photos. Flickr has recently renewed its layout thus now appearing fresher and more modern. In MWM’s Flickr channel, you will find a selection of beautiful and up-to-date photos, which you can use freely quoting the source.

Trade shows & events

Visit us at one of the trade shows where we’ll be exhibiting. For upcoming show dates see events.

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