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06 // July 2014

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MWM Modular Power Plant

Modular Power Plant

Making electricity and heat environmentally sustainable and reliable anywhere in the world, and being capable of doing so in an unbelievably short time: that was the basic idea behind the development of a new MWM product. Find out everything about the Modular Power Plant – and why it is so unique.
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News in brief


Press events MWM, providers of highly efficient, eco-friendly chp-plants for decentralized energy generation. more ...


CHP amortization calculator unveiled

Find answers online to questions concerning the profitability and energy payback time of investments in MWM cogeneration power plants (CHP) and gas engines. more ...

Country and its people

In the greenhouse business since 1962

The Netherlands, together with Finland and Denmark, has the highest density of combined heat and power plants for decentralized electric power in Europe. Greenhouses make up a significant share of the total. more ...


Danpower relies on original MWM service

With a large order for 10 replacement TCG 2016 V12 gensets and an eight-year maintenance agreement for ten Danpower biogas systems, the MWM Berlin Service Center ensures heat and electricity service for eight communities in the Altmark region of the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. more ...


MWM sales goes iPad

Professional performance and quick response times – these are the benefits of the new sales app at MWM. Take a look behind the scenes and find out all the advantages it offers you as a customer. more ...

Did you know that ...?

But did you know that …

The project for a power plant in Bangladesh from the year 2010, in which 15 gas engines of the TCG 2032 series were ordered in one contract was already very remarkable back then. The film that originated from it still is to this day. more ...

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