MWM Newsflash 07 // Dezember 2014

07 // Dezember 2014

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Weinheim Waste Treatment Plant

Weinheim Waste Treatment Plant

Profitability and efficiency are given a high profile at the Weinheim Waste Treatment Plant operating within the Bergstrasse Waste Water Utility District – not only with regard to waste water treatment but also in terms of its own electricity demand. That is why the system produces 1.5 times its own electricity use with the help of MWM CHPs.

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Press events MWM, providers of highly efficient, eco-friendly chp-plants for decentralized energy generation. more ...

Research & Development

Balancing energy

In order to master the future challenges of the energy market, operators of smaller power plants should also become involved with the topic of balancing energy. MWM gensets can boost the profitability of plants and contribute to grid stability. more ...


Marketing Prize for MWM Modular Power Plant

Caterpillar Energy Solutions was recognized with the Rhine-Neckar Marketing Prize in the category of "Large Enterprises", and won over the renowned panel of judges with its market strategy for the new Modular Power Plant (MPP). more ...

Internal Communication

Fox Awards

The "power news" employee newsletter was recognized at this year's FOX AWARDS. After winning an honors award last year, this time the quarterly employee newsletter garnered a silver medal. more ...

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But did you know that …

There is a trend these days towards authentic, brief and creative business movies. Corporate and product films have a formative influence on public opinion – they uphold the company’s image. more ...

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