But did you know that …

There is a trend these days towards authentic, brief and creative business movies. Corporate and product films have a formative influence on public opinion – they uphold the company’s image, strengthen the brand and communicate emotions associated with the company. For online media in particular, moving images have a large significance.

But did you know that …

... in 2014 alone, eight days of film shooting were dedicated to MWM films?

... within this year, now drawing to a close, nineteen film versions have been produced for the MWM brand?

... in total, the entire footage would amount to approx. 45 hours?

... we won the Silver Award at the World Media Festival in 2010 with the film "60 MW Around the World"?

... MWM has its own YouTube channel?

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60 MW Around the World - 15 gas engines on the way to Bangladesh

Final version of Silver Award (Intermedia Globe of World Media Festival) winning film "60 MW Around the World". Take a look, how 15 gas engines TCG 2032 are moved from Mannheim to Bangladesh…

MWM Modular Power Plant. Just twelve days installation time.

Thanks to the modular design of the power plant elements, an MWM Modular Power Plant can be installed in an unbelievable twelve days per unit (mounting and installation time). The MWM Modular Power Plant genset runs reliably on all natural gas and biogas applications.

MWM gas engine TCG 2016 V16C NAB

Watch the most important technical advancements of the MWM gas engine TCG 2016 V16C NAB.

Biogas plant Fargau. The reference. MWM.

Detlef Petersen, managing director of Bioenergie Fargau GmbH & Co. KG about reliability, service and quality of MWM biogas plants (German language with English subtitles).

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