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Biogas Plant Operators Plan Investments

Mannheim, April 14, 2016
The annual survey of the agricultural marketing and market research centre AgriDirect Germany (in German) shows that one in every seven farmers already operating a biogas plant is planning to expand it. Additionally, more than 2 percent of the biogas producers intend to modernize their existing plants.

Significant Increase in Expansion Plans for Biogas Plants

This insight differs significantly from the figures of past years. Last year, only 4.5 percent of the biogas operators had investment plans for the future. Today, almost 15 percent of them are planning to expand their facilities. The figures are based on a telephone survey conducted by AgriDirect Germany, in which more than 6,000 biogas producers were asked about their operations, intentions, and investment plans.

While expansion plans are on the rise, biogas plant renovation plans have declined compared to prior years. Thus, only about 2 percent of the operators are planning on renovating their biogas plants, and about 1 percent of the farmers intend to repower their biogas plants.

MWM biogas plant in Géotexia, France

MWM's Core Competence: Biogas Plants

Especially in the field of agriculture, biogas plants offer significant user benefits and the opportunity for sustainable, inexpensive energy production from existing biomass. MWM is aware of this energy potential and is therefore constantly working on the further development of durable, reliable gas engines, complete systems, and cogeneration containers especially designed for biogas operation.

MWM biogas plants deliver high efficiency levels in various output segments and are capable of processing fuel subject to fluctuation of the methane level, which is typical of biogas. Moreover, MWM also provides the system components required for biogas processing and treatment.

More information on MWM power plant solutions for agricultural biogas plants is available here.

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