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Mannheim, 19.10.2012

Caterpillar meets James Bond

This marks the cinematic encounter of two brands that today are already legendary icons: Caterpillar, the owner of MWM GmbH since November 2011, and James Bond, the longest-running secret agent series in film history, now portrayed for the third time by Daniel Craig in the new film SKYFALL. Bond films are typically renowned for their action-packed openings – and already in the initial scene of the new SKYFALL production, James Bond will be featured maneuvering a Cat excavator. Naturally the scene doesn't play just anywhere but on the freight car of a train barreling through the countryside of Turkey.Caterpillar, like MWM, has always prided itself on designing and building equipment precisely specified to customers' needs. In this case, the customization involved something unique: the James Bond production company EON Productions wanted the cab of the 320 D L, for example, put on the opposite side. A big challenge, as the electronics and hydraulics had to be specially fitted to accommodate the change. This was of vital importance for the interactions among the actors. Caterpillar employees were also available during the film shoot to provide assistance to the film team. Additional equipment was also made available, including generator sets, a skid steer loader and a mini hydraulic excavator.Already in 1999, Caterpillar was featured in the Bond film THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. Production on the new film began in May of this year, and SKYFALL will debut in German cinemas on November 1, 2012. The world premiere will already be on October 23, 2012, in London.

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