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Distributed Power Generation: MWM Distributor MKS Group of Companies Sets up Facilities for the Production of Modular Power Plants in Moscow and the City of Chelyabinsk – the Industrial Center of the South Urals

Mannheim, August 27, 2020

The official MWM distributor MKS Group of Companies is the fourth company to settle in the Malaya Sosnovka Industrial Innovation Park in the administrative district of Chelyabinsk. Currently, the company is building production facilities for modular power plants. A similar production site is to be built in Moscow's Dubna Special Economic Zone.

Built in 2017, the 110+ hectare Malaya Sosnovka Industrial Innovation Park is very popular among enterprises and investors of the industrial parks. Industrial and innovation parks provide the companies they host with the needed technology and traffic infrastructure. For the operations, a reliable, inexpensive energy supply plays a key role. The development of a distributed energy supply system in Malaya Sosnovka will greatly improve the energy infrastructure of the Industrial Innovation Park.

production facilities of MKS Group of Companies

The construction of the production facilities of MKS Group of Companies in the Malaya Sosnovka Industrial Innovation Park has already begun. (Photograph: MKS Group of Companies)

Production of Autonomous Gas Power Plants for Distributed Energy Supply

In the Industrial Innovation Park, the MWM distributor MKS Group of Companies will develop, produce, and organize modules and parts for gas engine power plants for distributed energy supply. For the production, MKS will establish a high-tech enterprise and create about 60 jobs. The project will be financed from the company's own assets. The strategic objective of the production plant is to increase the local production of equipment and parts for the distributed power generation in Russia and to export some of the products. The plant in the Chelyabinsk region is the second production site of the MKS Group of Companies in the Russian Federation.

Modular Power Plants Supplies Residents of Malaya Sosnovka with Heat and Power

In addition to the production facilities, the MKS Group of Companies is establishing a modular power plant (MPP) in the Industrial Innovation Park in order to supply the residents of Malaya Sosnovka with heat and power. The MPP has a capacity of 2 MW (megawatt) and can be increased to 25 MW depending on the needs of the residents. Moreover, the company is planning to open the first local pilot site for distributed power generation and Smart Grids.

Modular Power Plant for Distributed Energy Supply

Modular gas power plants make heat and power available in a reliable way, regardless of the location. The modular power plant (MPP) can be set up and installed within a few days and be scaled as needed. Quick dismantling is possible as well. As the modules are already preassembled when they are delivered to the setup location, the installation at locations with a poor infrastructure is thus no problem. Every modular power plant can be expanded to a series of up to six units for a nominal output of up to 27 MWel.

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