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MWM Distributor for Italy Intergen: Trendsetter on the Road to Full Digitization of Distributed Energy Solutions with MWM CHP Plants

Mannheim, June 20, 2018

In late April, the MWM service and sales partner for Italy Intergen inaugurated its new digital control center. Since then, all MWM cogeneration power plants covered by full service agreements are monitored and remote-controlled from there. The Italian MWM Distributor has thus assumed a pioneer role on the digitization market, measuring up to MWM's newly defined digital control standard for gas engines and distributed energy solutions.

Intergen on the Digitization Path

MWM has pioneered the market of digital control systems for cogeneration power plants with its fully integrated, digital genset and power plant control TEM and its successor TPEM (Total Plant & Energy Management). The time had come for Distributors to jump on the bandwagon and step up their control systems accordingly. Intergen has tackled this challenge; with its new control center, it has established a digital hub that enables the connection of gas engines and plants, the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data, the smart integration with the service, and the quick initiation of any needed steps. 

In an initial phase, Intergen connected 18 cogeneration power plants with an electrical output of more than 27 MW to this smart control. Each of these plants is covered by a full-service agreement.

But that is only the beginning. In the next phase, 27 more CHP (combined heat and power) plants with an electrical output of more than 80 MW are to be added in the coming two months.

New Control Center for Increased Efficiency and Availability of MWM CHP Plants

The picture shows the four monitors with which the Intergen service staff controls the plants: Monitor 1 shows a list of all connected plants. Monitor 2 shows the plants that are currently down due to malfunction. "We prefer not so see any information on this screen", says Gianluca Sciuto, Head of Customer Service at Intergen, laughingly. Monitors 3 and 4 display current performance data such as the availability, the gas consumption, and the electrical and thermal efficiency.

The new control center impressively demonstrates who the industrial digitization can be successfully mastered in practic

The new control center impressively demonstrates who the industrial digitization can be successfully mastered in practice.

Currently, the Intergen control center is staffed with a team of 12 employees who are supported by 20 field engineers. Their joint goal is to ensure maximum availability and performance of the CHP plants with full service. The investment in the new control center will make this process even easier and more efficient.

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