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Mannheim, November 03, 2014

Order for Gas Engines of State-of-the-Art Waste Water Treatment Plant in India's Capital Goes to Mannheim

The capital city of Delhi, located in the north of India and home to more than 11 million people, is the country's second largest city and is on record as having the nation's highest population growth rate. Clean water is among the most vital basic necessities for the population. With the new Nilothi waste water treatment plant, West Delhi, the metropolis is planning to establish one of the most advanced plants in India. Per day, up to 91 million liters of waste water are expected to be filtered in the Nilothi plant. This represents a cleaned waste water volume of up to one million inhabitants.

MWM biogas gensets for decentralized electric power

Caterpillar Energy Solutions from Mannheim, with its MWM dealer for India, Green Power International Pvt. Ltd., received the order involving three biogas gensets for decentralized electric power in the plant. The three gas engines of the MWM TCG 2020 V16 series will provide for autonomous energy supply of approx. 4.5 MWel as well as thermal energy in the form of hot water for the fermentation facilities. The engines are run on biogas derived from digestion of the sewage sludge. In addition to delivery of the three highly-efficient biogas gensets with overall efficiency rates of up to 85%, the order also includes a 10-year contract until 2024 for the maintenance and servicing of the gas engines.

The new Nilothi waste water plant

The new Nilothi waste water plant is expected to filter up to 91 million liters of waste water per day. (Source: MWM)

Thanks to the new Nilothi plant, this Indian metropolitan region's waste water treatment capacity will be increased significantly. The independently-produced energy from biogas thus not only improves the environmental balance of the plant, energy costs are reduced as well. The treated sewage sludge will be available to regional farmers as fertilizer, while the cleaned waste water will be fed into the Yamuna, a tributary of the Ganges, without any burden on the environment. In the past, unregulated effluents from industrial and household wastewater had caused the Yamuna in Delhi to be declared a "dead river." With the new waste water treatment plant, now a significant contribution is being made towards the clean-up and protection of the Yamuna.

Highly efficient MWM gas engines

The completely energy-autonomous Nilothi plant will also meet the current international waste treatment standards. The MWM TCG 2020 V16 gas engines are known for low operational costs as well as high reliability, and they boast the best electrical efficiency in their power class. By opting for MWM gas engines, the operators are relying on the best energy efficiency and high performance "Made in Germany."

With this plant, India's previous overall installed output from MWM gas gensets increases to 395 MWel, 11 percent of which is generated from biogas. All these systems were installed by Green Power International Pvt. Ltd., which is also responsible for the maintenance and service of the plants.

"This is the third waste water treatment plant with MWM gensets that we have installed in India. The segment is experiencing remarkable growth, and we also see great potential over the upcoming years, as the investments in eco-friendly infrastructure in India are increasing," explains Sanjeev Puri, managing director of Green Power International Pvt. Ltd. This project is certainly a milestone, yet at the same time, it is but one step on a long journey," he continued.

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