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MWM introduces new product selection of gas engines to 200 local customer representatives in Bangladesh at an expert seminar

Mannheim, 09.11.2015

On August 22, 2015, MWM’s product portfolio was presented at an expert seminar held in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, with some 200 customer representative invitees from Bangladesh. The local MWM partner and exclusive sales dealer Kaltimex Energy Bangladesh (Pvt.) Ltd. (KEBD) organized the seminar, marking 15 years of successful deployment of MWM gas engines in the private and public sector of Bangladesh.

MWM introduces new product selection of gas engines in Bangladesh

The team from MWM and Kaltimex presents the new MWM gas engines and cogeneration systems for distributed power supply.

Innovative features for improved output and safety

After leading representatives of the KEBD Group welcomed the guests and provided them with background information on the company's history, they learned about the innovative features of MWM’s new gensets. For instance, the advanced gas engines, some of which will be introduced in the market soon, achieve higher output levels thanks to improved ignition systems and combustion technologies, with identical gas and lubricating oil consumption. In addition to high efficiency, the improved eco-friendliness of the cogeneration systems is a particularly important advancement for an EU-based manufacturer like MWM. What's more, the gas engines offer a quicker installation time, as well as advanced safety features and various alarm functions, thanks to modern systems controlling. 

Following the presentation, a team of engineers from KEBD and MWM opened up the floor for technical and commercial questions.

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