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Mannheim, 28.08.2012 

MWM: Powering Papua New Guinea on gas

In the past, power interruptions and outages were accepted as a regular occurrence in Papua New Guinea (PNG). A year ago, PNG Ports Corporation Ltd (PNGPCL) decided to address the problem by making a significant investment by installing a power generation facility.

At the beginning of 2012, Powercom PNG Ltd – one of the nation's largest and locally owned electro-mechanical and engineering companies – installed two MWM TCG 2020 V12K gas engines at the main shipping port in Port Moresby.  

These two highly efficient 1 megawatt generators ensure stable energy supply to support the 24 hour operation of PNGPCL. 

The newly installed gas units will be powered with propane before switching over to LNG. The switch to the more sustainable gas option is expected in the near future upon the completion of an LNG production facility in the Highlands Region. It is expected that this facility will feed these two highly developed MWM gas engines – both of which are perfectly manufactured to cope with diverse gas compositions without the need of engine modification.

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