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Mannheim, May 10, 2011

Optimized TCG 2016 C Genset with Improved Efficiency for Biogas Operation

Looking back on a long tradition, Mannheim-based MWM is one of the world's leading providers of decentralized energy generation plants. The various genset series are designed for operation with natural gas or special gas types like sewage gas, biogas, and landfill gas. The company considers the ongoing development and optimization of the individual engine series as an important contribution to increased efficiency and conservation of resources.

At the Genera 2011, one of Spain's leading energy and environment trade shows, MWM will present an optimized version of the TCG 2016 series whose efficiency has been increased especially for biogas. The TCG 2016 C genset continues to be available in the V8, V12, and V16 variants. Systematic optimizations of the ignition and control system TEM (Total Electronic Management) ensure more even load balancing over all cylinders. The anti-knock control has been further improved, and a new cylinder balancing concept has been introduced. A package including optimized butterfly valve construction, a new actuator for the gas mixer, and the nano-paint-coated mixture cooler make the genset even more durable and less susceptible to external influences.

Thanks to these efficiency-boosting measures, the new gensets reach a maximum efficiency of 42.8% (65% CH4 / 35% CO2) or 41.7% (50% CH4 / 50% CO2) with biogas. Orders for all versions of the optimized TCG 2016 C product series will be accepted from June 2011 on (shipment from October 2011).

Available soon: TCG 2016 C 12V genset with optimized efficiency for biogas operation. Photograph: MWM GmbH (Mannheim)

Available soon: TCG 2016 C 12V genset with optimized efficiency for biogas operation. Photograph: MWM GmbH (Mannheim)

About MWM

The long-established company MWM in Mannheim, Germany, is one of the world's leading system providers of highly efficient and eco-friendly complete plants for decentralized power supply with gas and diesel engines. For 140 years, the company has stood for the reliable, uninterrupted provision of electricity, heat, and cooling at all times and at any location. MWM has 1,250 employees around the globe.

Author: Frank Fuhrmann, Member of DPV (German Press Association)

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