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Review of 2020: Under the Banner of the Digital Energy Reform, MWM Focuses on Innovative, Smart Energy Solutions with Gas Engines for Sustainable, Secure, and Climate-Friendly Energy Generation

Mannheim, December 22, 2020 

The financial year 2020 was a trend-setting, productive year for Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH and its MWM brand. By launching its own MWM Energy Blog as well as MWM Facebook and LinkedIn brand channels, MWM has established additional channels for more intensive communication with its partners, employees, and customers. In 2020, the company also implemented various innovative projects for smart, eco-friendly energy generation in collaboration with MWM distributors and service partners.

Power Produced by MWM Gas Engines Reduces Environmental Stress

In 2020, MWM again rolled out and coached numerous innovative energy projects in collaboration with the MWM distributors and service partners. One of these was a project in Greece. The waste processing plant in Greece is the country's first plant to produce biogas from solid neighborhood waste. The gas is generated by the waste treatment process and converted to power in the combined heat and power (CHP) plant. The CHP plant is run by an MWM TCG 2020 V16 gas engine that was installed in an MWM container along with the peripheral equipment. The CHP plant produces 1.56 MWel of power and has an electrical efficiency of 42.2 percent. The heat recovered from the CHP operation is used for other processes of the waste processing plant. In this way, the energy project supports the waste processing and disposal and generates about 10,800 kWh of green power a year, which is fed into the national power grid.

Epirus waste processing plant

Aerial view of the Epirus waste processing plant in Greece (photograph: A.EI.M.A. SA.)

The modernization of the environmental technology park on the island of Mallorca was another sustainable energy project. The plant was supplemented with an additional TCG 2020 V12 gas engine with an output of 1.2 MW and a total efficiency of 83.9 percent. The two MWM gas engines produce more electrical energy than the entire system needs. The excess power is fed into the local power grid and thus contributes to the island's supply with clean energy.

Environmental technology park

Environmental technology park with biogas plant on the island of Mallorca (photograph: Tirme, S.A.)

Last year, the Lübeck-based company Dräger came even more to the fore with its medical technology products and services. In the current health situation, there is a great demand especially for the ventilators produced by Dräger. This year, the MWM TCG 2020 V12 gas engine of the Dräger cogeneration power plant, which had been in use for 13 years, was replaced with a new MWM TCG 2020 V12 gas engine with an even higher efficiency level. The new engine allows the company to increase its carbon savings and significantly improve its profitability. The heat-controlled cogeneration power plant supplies heat energy and power for Dräger and heat energy for various service providers on the premises. Almost all of the 1 MW of power that is produced (per hour) is utilized on site. The new MWM gas engine went live in early June 2020 and ensures hassle-free power and heat supply at Dräger.

MWM Goes Digital: New Communication and Service Platforms for MWM Customers and Partners

By launching the MWM Energy Blog as well as the MWM Facebook channel and the LinkedIn brand channel in English and German, MWM has established a number of new digital communication platforms. The MWM Energy Blog presents and discusses news and developments from the field of energy policy. The topics of the posts focus on flexible distributed energy generation. Other key topics of the blog include digitization, renewable energies, and sustainable technologies. The MWM brand channel "MWM Gas Engines" on Facebook and the LinkedIn account "MWM Gas Engines" regularly present the latest MWM news and reference cases. With its digital "TCG Portal", MWM gives its partners an overview and secure, convenient access to all applications and services for MWM TCG gas engines. Via the portal, all applications can easily be reached through one account via single sign-on.

MWM EmiBox Enables Reliable Emission Monitoring

MWM's EmiBox is a reliable solution for the nitrogen oxide and error monitoring of all gas engines. The product core consists of an emission monitor for storing the alerts and nitrogen oxide values, exhaust temperatures, and another signal of 4 to 20 mA. The data are stored for up to five years. Using the parametrizable outputs, the EmiBox can be connected to TEP/TPEM systems or a global control for data exchange purposes.

High Customer Satisfaction, Award for MWM Service Tutorial Video Series

For the first two episodes of the MWM service tutorial video series "Do it the smart way", the independent international expert jury of the WorldMediaFestival 2020 again honored Caterpillar Energy Solutions with the intermedia-globe Silver Award in the category "Training: Learning Programmes". The German-language videos have been translated and subtitled in several languages. The video series provides tips and instructions for the maintenance of MWM gas engines. Under the supervision of Frank Fuhrmann (Manager PR & Online Marketing, Caterpillar Energy Solutions), the series was produced and realized in collaboration with the event and film agency Motionplan. 

A customer satisfaction survey conducted by MWM Service from April 2019 to February 2020 revealed a high level of satisfaction of MWM customers, especially in the fields of efficiency, competence, and reliability. The survey indicated a satisfaction index of 98 percent. In total, more than 800 responses were received from MWM customers in Europe concerning their experiences with MWM maintenance activities and MWM Service in general. 

The MWM team is very satisfied with its achievements in the last 12 months and looks toward 2021 with confidence. MWM would like to thank its partners and customers for the successful collaboration in 2020 and wishes all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Xmas MWM

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