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Start of the incoming 2013 trainees

Mannheim, 6 September 2013.

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." That adage dates all the way back to American statesman, author and scientist Benjamin Franklin. Those words of wisdom by one of the Founding Fathers of the United States are as timely today as ever.

At the beginning of September, 21 young people started out their professional lives at MWM, one of the world's leading providers of highly efficient, eco-friendly cogeneration plants for decentralized energy generation with combined heat and power (CHP).

The new trainees with their team of trainers. Start training: September 2013.

The new trainees with their team of trainers. Start training: September 2013. (Photo: MWM GmbH)

In the coming years, they will be trained as industrial mechanics, mechatronics technicians, and industrial clerks, or study at the “Duale Hochschule” cooperative state university in the specialties of Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Service Engineering. 

"A solid basic and advanced training is a key factor in career success. This applies not only to young employees but also to the company as a whole. That is why we will continue to place a high priority in training in the future. In this, it is important from the beginning to develop self-directed learning and cooperative support of the trainees among themselves,” says Peter Körner, head of Human Resources at MWM.

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