Training opportunities for customers, operators, and sales representatives of MWM cogeneration systems

The right expertise is an important basic prerequisite for qualified operation and targeted sales of our gas engines, gensets and cogeneration systems. That is why our training units are a key component of MWM’s comprehensive range of services.

Both our training centers in Mannheim provide you effective support in the further development of your employees through demand-oriented training courses. These courses include plant-, equipment- or project-specific sessions. Your success is our objective!

Training Center Service

Training modules tailored to the needs of our customers and operators promote comprehensive know-how and hands-on expertise.

Training Center Sales

Training opportunities on all aspects concerning the sales of our MWM gas engines, gensets and cogeneration systems, specially geared towards MWM partners, distributors and sales representatives.

Contact Training Center

Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH
Administration Team MWM Training Center
Carl-Benz-Strasse 1
68167 Mannheim
T +49 6 21/3 84 - 99 55
F +49 6 21/3 84 - 84 11
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