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Who can get operator training?

MWM can help operators and customers to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the secure operation of various types of gas gensets.

What makes the modular operator concept so special?

The training contents have a modular structure and are tuned to the previous knowledge and experience of the respective operators. Therefore, a suitable training program is available for every competence level.

Which subjects does the "Product-related engine technology KK1" course comprise?

The course primarily provides basic knowledge of the engine technology and the proper handling of the plant. Additionally, skills needed for the single-handed performance of simple maintenance tasks are conveyed.

What does "training on all plant components" mean?

The training offer for general, comprehensive, and product-related system technology addresses participants who want to systematically acquire sound handling skills, including system checks and troubleshooting.

What previous knowledge do the participants in the certified operator seminars need?

No special knowledge is required for participating in a course. However, the participants should be working in a technical profession and have a comprehensive technical understanding of the MWM products.

Which learning and work equipment is provided?

The participants will be provided with the relevant documentation as well as the special tools and measurement equipment required for the respective seminar for the duration of the training.

Is a laptop required for the seminars?

No laptop needs to be brought along.

What kind of people participate in the seminars?

Most participants are operators who are to be instructed in the handling of MWM gensets and simple maintenance tasks. They are also enabled to identify and eliminate minor problems.

Is the training application-oriented?

Qualified, competent trainers instruct the participants in small groups. The training offer is tuned to the individual needs and requirements of the customers. Thanks to the extensive state-of-the-art classroom equipment, training contents can be conveyed easily and in an application-oriented manner.

Does the MWM training center also offer on-site training at the customer's location?

MWM also offers engine and electrical engineering training on site at the customer's location.

When do the courses begin?

The courses begin every morning at 8:15 a.m. and end at approximately 3:30 p.m.

Will food and drink be provided during the seminar?

The seminar fee includes coffee, tea, beverages, and lunch at the MWM restaurant.

How can I sign up for a seminar?

Registrations are accepted exclusively by means of our registration form, which must be completed, signed, and sent to the MWM Training Center (for the address please see box on the right column above). The registration form can be downloaded on the page "MWM seminars".

How can I find out the seminar dates?

Please send us an inquiry about the courses you wish to participate in. We will send you an individual offer with information on the dates.

How much do the seminars cost?

For information on the applicable seminar fees, please refer to the price list in our seminar program.

What do the seminar fees include?

The seminar fees include coffee, tea, beverages, lunch at the company restaurant, training documents, and a work coat.

Who will book the hotel?

We can book one of our partner hotels for you at attractive prices. Please specify your arrival and departure dates on the registration form. Our shuttle service will not be available if you book a hotel independently.

What are the MWM partner hotels?

Our partner hotels include Hotel Mack, Mozartstr. 14 in Mannheim, Germany, and Best Western City Hotel Mannheim, C7, 9-11, in Mannheim, Germany.

How do I get to the training center?

If you book the hotel through MWM, you can use our daily shuttle service. You will be picked up from your hotel at 8 a.m. and be taken back after the training. Please provide the needed information on the registration form. In case you prefer to travel by yourself, directions are available here (pdf).

directions to the MWM training center

Are parking spaces available?

A limited number of parking spaces are available directly next to the training center. Participants who book their hotel through MWM can drive to the training center on the first training day, park the car there, and use the shuttle service from the afternoon on. Please indicate this on the registration form.

What do I need to bring along?

Safety shoes are required for the product-related engine technology seminars.

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