Natural Gas and similar gases

Natural gas

and similar gases

Natural gas is an ideal fuel for CHP plants.

Natural Gas and similar gases for highly efficient power and cogeneration plants

Natural gas is a gas which is largely composed of methane. It is extracted from underground deposits, mostly together with crude oil, and features a methane content of about 80 to 99 percent depending on the composition. Further constituents include ethane, propane, butane and ethene as well as carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Depending on the composition, the usable heat value varies from 9.5 to 10.5 kWh / Nm³; natural gas is therefore ideally suited as a fuel for gas engines.

Fig. Natural gas resources

Fig. Natural gas resources

Today, natural gas is one of the most important sources of energy. The demand is on the rise, and fossil resources are becoming increasingly valuable. Rising natural gas prices and the need for sustainable conservation of the environment necessitate maximum efficiency in the transformation of energy to power, heat, and cold. Today, highly efficient power production and cogeneration (CHP) plants run on natural gas.

Selected references for natural gas plants and natural gas fueled cogeneration plants

Stadtwerke München Services GmbH, Germany

The Munich City Utilities (Stadtwerke München Services GmbH) opted for the MWM TCG 2020 V16 genset, a gas engine type that delivers more efficiency, reduced emissions, improved profitability, and longer maintenance intervals.

Energieversorgung Nordhausen GmbH, Germany

Modernization to Ensure Stability of Supply: Engine replacement with four modern MWM gas engines with a total output of 8,000 kW.

Vereinigte Stadtwerke GmbH, Bad Oldesloe

The latest MWM TCG 3016 gas genset runs as a field-test plant in Bad Oldesloe. The cogeneration power plant with the electrical output of 800 kW and the thermal output of 826 kW reaches an overall efficiency of 88.1%.

Bausch + Lomb, Waterford, Ireland

With its cogeneration plant equipped with the powerful MWM TCG 2032 V12 genset, Bausch + Lomb covers 65 percent of its electricity needs and 91 percent of its heat needs and cuts annual operating costs by up to €1 Million.

Stadtwerke Lübeck, Germany

The Töpferweg bunker cogeneration power plant is part of the ”St. Lorenz“ district heat network, which also comprises two more cogeneration power plants.

Delhi Land Finance (DLF), India

DLF had been looking for custom-tailored energy solutions for five different buildings. The answer was the use of coolant heat for the generation of heating water and the use of the exhaust gas heat in absorption refrigerators for cooling.

Rahim Steel, Bangladesh

Eight gensets supply a steel factory with power. Due to the plant's special load response requirements, the plant was equipped with an exhaust gas waste gate and a by-pass in order to enable customer-specific load response.


The energy supply center of the GLOBALFOUNDRIES chip factory in Dresden, Germany, opted for the MWM engines because of the high quality of the electricity produced by this system.

Munich Airport, Germany

Two TCG 2032 V16 units were added to the existing MWM engines. Using trigeneration, 7.44 MW of electricity, 8.7 MW of heat, and 5.3 MW of cold are produced and used to supply buildings and hangars.

Precision Energy, Bangladesh

In 2010, MWM shipped 15 TCG 2032 V16 gensets to Precision Energy in Bangladesh within three months. The plant generates a constant total output of 60 MWel. All of the generated electricity is fed into the public grid.

Münster Public Utilities, Germany

The Münster Public Utilities had to renew their old emergency power generator. The CHP plant with a TCG 2032 V16 ensures the power and heat supply in the event of an outage.

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