Expert Check: The MWM Brand

Identity, Continuity, and Sustainability as Success Factors

Brands are an important part of global competition. They give products and services a distinct face that sets them apart from competitors. To stand out from competitors, a clear-cut brand profile and a high level of recognition are required. Together, these aspects form the brand identity. To successfully convey the values and messages of a brand to the target groups and to establish a resilient relationship of trust between consumers and the brand, an unmistakable brand identity is a must.

Celebrating Tradition without Standing Still

With its 100th anniversary, the MWM brand sets another milestone in its history, which is marked by innovation and progress. Apart from its ongoing quest for further development and sustainable technologies, the MWM brand has never lost sight of its brand core. In our interviews on the occasion of the 100th anniversary, brand experts express their views of the development of the brand and the success factors that have made MWM one of the world’s leading brands in the field of distributed energy supply.