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Globally Unique Energy Project on Lake Kivu, Rwanda: Go-Live of Power Plant with 19 MWM Gas Engines Imminent

The completion of the power plant near Lake Kivu, Rwanda, is getting closer. All 19 MWM gas engines that produce sustainable energy for Rwanda using methane from the depths of Lake Kivu are to go live by July 2023.

MWM Wins Top Ratings in Survey: End Customers Praise Competence, Reliability, and Efficiency of MWM Service Centers and MWM Subsidiaries in Europe

The results of the MWM End Customer Survey 2022 reveal a generally high level of satisfaction with MWM products and services. Of the end customers interviewed, 98 percent recommend the work of the MWM Service Centers and of the MWM subsidiaries in Europe.

Logistics of Original MWM Spare Parts

Maximum performance, long useful life, custom-tailored service by experts, and shipping around the clock.