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Mannheim | 08.11.2017

Newly Developed TCG 3016 Gas Engine – Efficiency Goes Digital

The MWM TCG 3016 gas engine represents an entirely new development in MWM's CHP plant portfolio. The integrated digital plant control TPEM facilitates the installation and enables more flexible operation. In the field of natural gas and biogas operation, the TCG 3016 is the most efficient gas engine in its output class. In combination with a period of 80,000 operating hours (natural gas) or 64,000 operating hours (biogas) until the general overhaul, this makes the TCG 3016 a premium choice in terms of efficiency and cost savings.

Mannheim | 26.10.2017

CHP Plant with MWM Gas Engine Again Designated Cogeneration Plant of the Month: TCG 2016 Supplies Energy to frischli Milchwerke

A 600-kWel cogeneration plant reliably supplies frischli Milchwerke with eco-friendly power and heat energy. An integrated heat storage unit makes the CHP plant even more flexible and increases the energy security.


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