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Mannheim | 06.09.2018

Intergen, MWM Distributor for Italy, Installs another CHP Plant with MWM TCG 2020 Gas Engine for Cheese Manufacturer IGOR

The Italian cheese in manufacturer IGOR in Cameri, Piedmont, receives a new MWM power genset with an output of up to 1,560 kWel for its production site. The new combined heat and power (CHP) plant is based on an MWM gas engine of the TCG 2020 V16 250 NOx series, which is designed especially for deployment in CHP plants and fallback plants capable of isolated operation, providing the manufacturer with maximum energy independence and security.

Mannheim | 28.08.2018

Climate-Friendly Power and Heat Energy with MWM Gas Engines: Biogas Plants Continue to Be Key Factor in Carbon Reduction

As the energy reform progresses, biogas plants continue to stand their ground despite difficult conditions. According to the latest forecast of the German Biogas Association (FvB), the total number of biogas plants in Germany will undergo a year-on-year increase of 163 (1.7 percent) to 9,494 in 2018. The current year could also see an increase of 268 MW in flexible output.


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