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Mannheim | 06.04.2021

MWM Presents New Product Video about MWM Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM)

Together with the film agency Motionplan, MWM has presented another high-quality video production about a newly introduced real-time digital status monitoring system: the innovative MWM Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM) system.

Mannheim | 01.04.2021

Sustainable Waste Utilization: Cogeneration Power Plant with Three MWM TCG 3016 V12 Gas Engines Supplies Plant Building and Facilities with Power and Heat from Landfill Gas

In the context of a modernization project, the Central Landfill Emscherbruch (Zentraldeponie Emscherbruch; ZDE) in Gelsenkirchen in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region has been equipped with three new MWM TCG 3016 V12 gas engines. The use of landfill gas as fuel for the gas engines saves costs and protects the environment.


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