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Energy Center and Design Object: MWM Distributor Edina Delivers Third MWM Gas Engine for Power Supply of University of York

MWM distributor Edina has installed its third combined heat and power plant for the University of York. The MWM TCG 3020 V20, which sits in an unusual container, generates power for the campus and the university buildings.

Trigeneration System for International Manufacturer of Medical Products Fresenius Kabi in Poland: Two MWM TCG 2020 V12 Gas Engines Produce Heat, Power and Cold

Polish MWM distributor Centrum Elektroniki Stosowanej CES Sp. z o.o. has installed two trigeneration systems for the Polish company Clinico Medical Sp. z o.o., which belongs to the Fresenius Kabi Group, in order to supply the production facilities with heat, power and cold.

New Cogeneration Power Plant for Energy Provider Avacon Natur GmbH in Lüneburg: MWM TCG 2032B V16 Gas Engine Produces Energy in Listed Building

The power plant of the energy provider Avacon Natur GmbH in Lüneburg, Germany, has been equipped with a new cogeneration power plant, which is driven by an MWM TCG 2032B V16 gas engine. The installation of the gas engine in the provider’s listed building was a special challenge.