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MWM Wins Top Ratings in Survey: End Customers Praise Competence, Reliability, and Efficiency of MWM Service Centers and MWM Subsidiaries in Europe

The results of the MWM End Customer Survey 2022 reveal a generally high level of satisfaction with MWM products and services. Of the end customers interviewed, 98 percent recommend the work of the MWM Service Centers and of the MWM subsidiaries in Europe.

For Your SCR Cat: Ensure Eco-Friendly Operation of Gas Engines with MWM Premium U 32.5

In addition to the retrofitting of existing plants with SCR catalysts, MWM offers MWM Premium U 32.5 urea in order to enable eco-friendly operation according to the 44th Federal Immission Control Ordinance (44th BImSchV) in Germany.

NEW at MWM Service: SCR Catalyst Retrofit Kit for Gas Engines for Reliable Compliance with All Requirements of the 44th BImSchV

The MWM modular turn-key SCR catalyst retrofit kit is a compact first-class solution to ensure compliance with all requirements of the 44th Federal Immission Control Ordinance (44th BImSchV) in Germany, which imposes stricter emission limits for existing and new plants.