Anderlingen-Ohrel, Germany

Biogas plant Anderlingen Ohrel Germany

Facts & Figures

Genset / gas engine (R 029): 1 x TCG 2016 V08C in container
1 x TCG 2016B
Segment / gas type: Biogas
Customer: Anderlingen, Germany
Total output: 400 kWel + 716kWel
Commissioning: 2009 + 2007

A container-hosted TCG 2016 V08C generates 3,200 MWh of power and 2,552 MWh of heat a year, which are used for the biogas plant.

Additionally, a previously installed TCG 2016 V16B, which runs on gas from the same power plant, supplies a local heat network. The integrated MWM biogas processing secures the technology bonus according to the German Renewable Energies Act (EEG).