Generator Set Production Department Wins MWM Soccer Tournament

More Exercise, More Personal Contact

A Special MWM Moment of Norbert Eisinger
A great moment in 1954 in Bern: “Rahn shoots … Goal! Goal! Goal! Goal for Germany!” The soccer world cup won by the German soccer team in Bern, Switzerland, in 1954 was doubtlessly one of the reasons why the colleagues and fans in some MWM departments decided to play soccer together. Later on, MWM regularly held exciting tournaments. The enthusiasm for soccer, or football, as the game is called in Europe, was not the only motivating factor. The objective of the soccer tournament in 1963 with the “Hiking Prize” awarded by the Executive Board was to help the workforce get more exercise and get to know each other better.

The turnout was enormous. In several summer matches, nine teams—the generator set production, the KD assembly, the electrical workshop, the lathe operators, the colleagues from the testing department and from the RH assembly, the apprentices, and the offices with the technical and administrative staff—came together on the soccer field for several summer matches, loudly cheered on by the workforce.

The matches took place on a field that had been made available to the MWM soccer enthusiasts by the Mannheim soccer club MFC Phoenix. This year’s champion was the generator set production team. Director Wilhelm Stark personally handed the coveted trophy to team captain Wolfert.

Mr. A. Edinger, the sports supervisor at MWM, addressed the spectators and the team with the following words: “I would also like to thank all colleagues who supported me in organizing the tournament. And last but not least, I would like to express my gratitude to the soccer club MFC Phoenix, which, based on its traditional bond with MWM, once again let us use their beautiful soccer field.”

(Unfortunately, we were unable to learn the first names of the people mentioned.)


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