MWM diesel engines for Count von Luckner’s sailing ships

Praise from corvette captain “Sea Devil”

MWM brochures of Count of Luckners 1926-1930

In 1926 and 1930, corvette captain Count Felix von Luckner, known as the “Sea Devil”, praised the MWM propulsion engines of his sailing ship “Vaterland” and “Mopelia” in telegrams to the company.

Quote from the telegram to MWM dated December 16, 1926 concerning the sailing ship “Vaterland”:
[…] The reliable operation and maneuvering of your engines allowed us to moor and unmoor in sometimes quite narrow fairways and harbors without tug assistance, which is no small feat for a ship of 2,500 t. During the persistently stormy North Atlantic voyage, the engines also worked well and enabled us to complete the journey in a relatively short time. […]

Quote from the telegram to MWM dated 1930 concerning the sailing ship “Mopelia”:
[…] On the voyage through the West Indies, the ship ran aground at the entrance to St. Domingo due to the pilot’s failure. To prevent the ship from being thrown further ashore by the force of the surf, the engines had to run full speed astern for 13 hours. The engines did not fail—a remarkable achievement, considering that due to the shallowness of the water, a lot of sand was stirred up and passed through the pumps. If the engines had failed, the ship would have been lost. […]


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Images 1 and 2: MWM brochures of Count of Luckner’s 1926 and 1930 telegrams to MWM