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Review of 2022, a Successful Year for MWM: Launch of New Technologies, Start of 100th Brand Anniversary Celebrations

Despite global crises and the stress the employees were subject to due to the coronavirus pandemic, MWM was able to continue to deliver a fine business performance. For the brand, 2022 thus proved to be a productive financial year. Apart from the rollout of numerous energy projects around the globe, the main focus was on hydrogen as a clean fuel for MWM gas engines and cogeneration power plants and on the start of the 100th MWM brand anniversary celebrations.

MWM Premium U 32.5 for SCR Catalyst Retrofitting

In addition to the retrofitting of existing plants with SCR catalysts, MWM offers MWM Premium U 32.5 urea in order to enable eco-friendly operation according to the 44th Federal Immission Control Ordinance (44th BImSchV) in Germany.

Other MWM Service Products

The expanded MWM service range includes, among other things, external oil tanks, gas and dirt separators and the MWM Premium U32.5 urea solution for SCR catalytic converters.

SCR Catalyst Retrofitting

MWM SCR catalyst retrofit kit for gas engines: Meet all requirements of the 44th Federal Immission Control Ordinance in Germany and ensure the efficiency of your plant!