Launch of the first post-war MWM engine building program

Das erste MWM Motoren-Bauprogramm der Nachkriegsgeschichte entsteht

Engine construction program with a power range from five to 920 hp

Launch of the first post-war MWM engine building program

The year 1950 saw the launch of the first comprehensive MWM engine building program after 1945. During the war, some 70 percent of the factory had been reduced to rubble. Starting from 1946, the cleanup work started, and the engine parts found in the ruins were sorted and put in storage. Gradually, the employees started to rebuild the factory. As early as 1947, a number of RH135/235 were reconstructed from the salvaged engine parts for use in tug boats on waterways. An MWM engine production program was set up with the original, proven MWM engine models. During the war, the construction drawings had been hidden in the basement of a copyshop. Thus, the information survived without suffering any damage. In 1950, the first complete MWM engine production program comprised an output range from 5 to 920 hp.


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Image: 150th Anniversary Book (pages 57-58)

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