MWM Celebrates “100 Years of Engine Building in Mannheim”

Carl Benz’s First Operable Gas Engine


At the turn of 1979/80, MWM reached an impressive anniversary: 100 years of engine building in Mannheim. On New Year’s Eve at the turn of 1879/80, Carl Benz had laid the foundation for a trail-blazing development: That night, he had successfully fired up his “Benz system” gas engine. The turn of 1879/80 thus became a historic moment that marked the birth of engine building in Mannheim.

The first operable engine designed by Carl Benz was a horizontal two-stroke crosshead engine. This technical masterpiece represented the foundation for the further development and success of engine building in Mannheim. Since then, the world has greatly changed, and engine building has become an indispensable part of our modern life.

The achievements of MWM over the past 100 years are remarkable. The company has continually delivered innovation and developed engines of a matchless quality. Its products have revolutionized various industries, such as the energy, shipping, manufacturing, and other industries. Today, MWM has become a globally renowned brand that stands for reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.


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