MWM Gas Engines Ensure Clean Potable Water from Lake Constance

Sewage Treatment Plants Equipped with 14 MWM Engines


After 1945, keeping the water clean was a serious problem in many places. The situation was especially challenging on Lake Constance, which serves as a drinking water reservoir for 10 million people in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. To clean the water, the International Commission for the Protection of Lake Constance (IGKB) decided to establish sewage treatment plants around Lake Constance. MWM received the first order for the supply of the needed gas engines.

In total, 14 MWM diesel engines were installed in 10 sewage treatment plants. The generator sets served the transformation of the energy from the accumulating sewage gas into electrical energy, e.g. to drive fans. This process enabled the sustainable use of the accumulating gas and eco-friendly energy generation.

Thanks to the collaboration between IGKB and MWM, significant progress was made in the field of water protection. The project on Lake Constance served as a model for other regions and contributed to raising awareness of the importance of protecting our bodies of water. The sewage treatment plants around Lake Constance, which are driven by MWM engines, are an impressive example of how technology and environmental protection can go hand in hand. They have helped to improve the water quality and ensure the supply of potable water for millions of people.


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