Performance Boost in Tractor Engines

Design Task “Stroke Length Expansion” While Retaining Engine Dimensions

Performance Boost in Tractor EnginesA special moment from Norbert Eisinger
The performance of the MWM engines for use in farm tractors was to be increased in such a way that they could be installed in existing tractors. The easiest way to increase the performance was to expand the stroke length by 15 mm. As the same production machinery was to be used in order to avoid new investments, the question was how this could be accomplished.

The solution was to increase the number of gears and to correct the involute gear profile (crankshaft and camshaft). The increased number of gears and the positive gear profile shift facilitated the compensation required for lowering the crankshaft by 7.5 mm. The goal of equipping the tractors with new, more powerful engines was reached. The designer received a bonus for the idea and its successful implementation. The engines with the expanded stroke length of 120 mm were delivered from 1968 onwards.


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