Lucky Strike: A 1925 MWM Motorhorse

Discovery and Restoration of a “Blue Mauritius”

Edgar Pohl and the MWM MotorhorseA special MWM moment from Edgar Pohl
In 1985, I was visiting a friend. While we were looking at my photo album, an older friend joined us. He remembered something about a very old tractor. What he said caught my attention, and a few days later we started out together in order to take a look at the said tractor. It turned out that he had forgotten the exact location.
In the afternoon, after several attempts, we finally reached an object covered with a large canvas. The older man was sure that we had found the right place.

This was the tractor we had been looking for. The owner was somebody he knew well from the past. Over a glass of liquor, we sat in the living room and explained the actual reason for our presence. We examined the tractor, which was incomplete, but nevertheless in a very good condition.

Photograph: Edgar Pohl is happy to see the motorhorse restored to an operable state some 95 years after it had been produced.

I was overwhelmed. I had never seen such a tractor. Nobody knew the brand or the model, but I knew I wanted to buy that tractor. Thanks to my friend’s efforts, I was able to get it. Without having to pay for it immediately, the purchase was agreed with a handshake.

Back home, I sat down with another tractor enthusiast to do some research. We found out that I had purchased a veritable “blue Mauritius”: a 1925 MWM motorhorse.

Thereafter, the motorhorse stood untouched in my collection for more than 30 years until a former MWM employee heard about it. After a number of visits and contacts, he convinced me to have the motorhorse repaired. At the 10th club anniversary of the vintage tractor enthusiasts of Dörrenberg, St. Wendel/Saar, the MWM motorhorse was for the first time showcased and presented to the public.


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