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MWM TCG 2020 V16 gas engine secures power supply of Thai food factory in island mode

At the Uthai Rung Co., Ltd. factory in Thailand, an MWM TCG 2020 V16 gas engine that runs in island mode produces power for the production processes. The MWM gas engine was installed by GPI Energy (Thailand) Ltd., the MWM distributor for Thailand.

Promotion of Biodiversity and Energy Generation with Biogas Plants: Launch of the Biodiversity Week 2023 of the German Biogas Association

As a member of the German Biogas Association, MWM supports the conservation of biodiversity with the Biodiversity Week under the motto #blühendesLeben (“blooming life”). The fields offer endangered insects habitat and can be used for sustainable energy generation in biogas plants.

New 2-MW Biogas Plant with Two MWM TCG 2020 V12 Gas Engines in North Macedonia Supplies 4,000 Households with Energy

The newly installed biogas plant in Lozovo, North Macedonia, with its two TCG 2020 V12 gas engines is able to supply approximately 4,000 households with electrical energy. The MWM gas engines used for this project were delivered in their highly efficient 1-MW variant. Fueled exclusively with renewables and organic waste, the engines also deliver 2.1 MW of thermal energy.

New Variant of TCG 3020 Series with 2 MW Electrical Output

With its versatile MWM TCG 3020 V20 (2MW) gas engine, MWM expands its lineup of generator sets, offering customers a unit that delivers high efficiency under maximum performance in the 2 MW segment.

Award-Winning “Green Village” in Alfhausen: Two MWM Gas Engines Produce Sustainable Energy from Biomethane for the Local Heat Network

In the new cogeneration power plant in Alfhausen, Germany, two MWM gas engines are to produce heat and power for the people who live there. The heat is to be delivered to the connected homes via a district heat network set up especially for this purpose.

Energy Production from Kitchen Waste: Five MWM Gas Engines in China Produce Sustainable Power from Biogas

In China, two innovative waste utilization plants that generate power from biogas are being set up in two projects. The plants are powered by MWM gas engines. The power produced is used for the facilities and is fed into the public grid.

Energy Self-Sufficient Swimming Pool: Tychy Aquapark in Poland Uses Three Biogas-Fired Cogeneration Power Plants to Cover Entire Heat and Power Demand from Renewable Sources

With the cogeneration power plants driven by MWM gas engines, the Tychy Aquapark in Poland generates heat and power for the operation and heating of the swimming pool.

Biogas Plants and Wildflower Fields for Sustainable, Green Energy Generation: MWM Supports Biodiversity Week of the German Biogas Association

As a member of the German Biogas Association, MWM supports the biodiversity campaign week under the motto #blühendesLeben (“blooming life”) for the sustainable cultivation of energy crops for energy generation.


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