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Recycling Plant in Poland: MWM TCG 2016 V16 Gas Engine Runs 100,000 Operating Hours at Full Power

At a waste recycling plant in Poland, an MWM TCG 2016 V16 gas engine completed a total of 100,000 operating hours without any unexpected outages.

Flexible Cogeneration Power Plant for Cutting-Edge Painting Facility: OTTO FUCHS KG Generates Energy with MWM TCG 2020 V12 Gas Engine

OTTO FUCHS KG, an international manufacturer in the metal processing industry, has commissioned a new flex cogeneration power plant for the surface center in Meinerzhagen, Germany. The cogeneration power plant is driven by an MWM TCG 2020 V12 gas engine that delivers heat and power in accordance with the needs of the factory’s shifts.