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An Exciting, Eventful Year: 150th Anniversary Celebrated in 2021

2021-150-Jahre-Jubilaeum-BuchA Special MWM Moment of Norbert Eisinger 2021

I readily accepted an invitation of Frank Fuhrmann, Manager Communications at Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH, to participate in the preparation of a book featuring milestones and highlights of the company’s history from 1871 to 2021. The 100-page book was prepared over a period of about 15 months. The legal notice lists all individuals and companies involved in the creation of this work under the supervision of Frank Fuhrmann and his colleague Aljoscha Kertesz. The book was published in English, German, and Russian.

In 2021, another project was launched: A 15-minute video documentary was to present the 150 years in condensed form. In view of the wealth of fascinating subjects and events, it was rather difficult to choose the right topics for a comprehensive impression of 150 years of engine building. But over a period of five months, the project was successfully completed. The rollout involved a special moment for me: In a number of video sequences, I was asked to directly answer some questions. I was quite excited, because I was not used to answer questions in front of a camera without any text prompt. However, the skilled film team helped me overcome my stage fright.

I am proud and full of gratitude to have been able to participate in this project. Meanwhile, the film on the occasion of the 150th anniversary has been found worthy of an international film award of the WorldMediaFestival and published in four languages.


The book can be ordered in the MWM web shop in English and German: https://mwm.mentor-net.net/neuheiten/mwm-buch-150-jahre-englisch.html

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All language versions of the video on YouTube: ENDE| CN


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