86 years after brand foundation: Domain finally in the right hands

Komplizierte Rechtesicherung führte über den Libanon und Saudi-Arabien

Complicated protection of rights via Lebanon and Saudi Arabia

Komplizierte Rechtesicherung führte über den Libanon und Saudi-ArabienA Special MWM Moment of Martin Küchenthal
When Motoren-Werke Mannheim A.-G. emerged from the “Stationary Engine Construction” department of Benz & Cie. in 1922, the first port of call for protecting the MWM brand was probably the Reich Patent Office for Industrial Property Protection at the time.
However, as innovative as the MWM designs may have been at that time, even the boldest visionaries at that time did not give a thought to the need for digital brand protection. Internet? That would have required a time machine. Because the first domain registration at that time was a whole 63 years in the future. The registration of mwm.net even takes place for the first time 75 years after the brand was founded.

A little “fun fact”: In 1997, shortly after its first registration, this domain was still used for the “Miami Web Machine”. This very domain connects MWM and us as a domain service provider and expert for digital brand protection until today. Even before the re-branding to MWM GmbH became public in 2008, we at LEMARIT pulled out all the stops and successfully applied for the desired domain, which was registered by a third party at that time. As a popular three-character domain, the retrieval campaign by LEMARIT needed to overcome some hurdles. It was almost a fairy tale from the Arabian Nights: The domain owner could be found in Lebanon, the sale was made through a middleman from Saudi Arabia. After tough negotiations, LEMARIT was able to successfully conclude the domain purchase – 86 years after the brand was founded, the domain was finally in the right hands.

Today, mwm.net is the hub of numerous digital communication channels, contributing to the success of the MWM brand. We congratulate Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH on 100 years of MWM and look forward to continuing to contribute to securing trust in the (online) brand as a reliable partner in the future.

December 2022
LEMARIT GmbH / Martin Küchenthal, General Manager


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Photograph: hyserb / Adobe Stock