Warm welcome for the intern

Warm welcome for the intern

Motivating work climate across all departments

Warm welcome for the internA Special MWM Moment of Belma Sujkovic
Since October 2022, I have been completing my six-month internship at Caterpillar Energy Solutions in the marketing department. This mainly presents and represents the MWM brand.

There has not been a very specific individual moment so far. My moments were the first impressions and general experiences with the colleagues and the company. All I can say is: “Jackpot- everything positive!”

From the very first day, I was warmly welcomed as an intern. That’s not always a matter of course at companies. I was particularly impressed by the great working atmosphere, especially the friendly tone between supervisors and colleagues. There are no “stupid” questions. Any uncertainties, problems or comments, even from newcomers like me, are always dealt with.

In addition, I was able to get to know many new people outside my department, as some of the tasks involve interfaces with other departments. I really like this interesting exchange with colleagues there and it confirms my positive experience.

I can definitely state that I was able to learn a lot of new things in the first months already and that the internship allows for real professional development. I’m already looking forward to the coming time!


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