Launch of MWM Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM)

New digital status monitoring system for gas engines and CHP plants

MWM Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM)

The launch of the MWM Remote Asset Monitoring (RAM) system for gas engines and combined heat and power (CHP) plants in 2021 represents the introduction of a new technology for real-time status monitoring of gas engines and CHP plants. The system is designed to process large amounts of data and is optimized for cogeneration power plants.

Thanks to MWM RAM, any technical problems can be identified and eliminated at an early stage, thereby preventing potential failures. Maintenance measures can be planned more easily, and operating procedures and support processes can be coordinated more systematically. In the event of alerts, warnings, or malfunction, RAM sends plant operators push messages in order to notify them as soon as possible about potential faults or damage. MWM RAM also enables the documentation and generation of reports on the plant output, operating hours, and the current and historical performance. This saves plant operators additional work. Multi-level security measures protect MWM RAM from unauthorized access.


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