Launch of MWM SCR catalyst retrofit kit for gas engines

Compact MWM solution to meet the 44th BImSchV

SCR-Cat Components

BImSchV Requirements

In 2022, MWM introduced the SCR catalyst retrofit kit for gas engines in order to provide plant operators with a simple, robust solution to comply with the requirements of the 44th Federal Immission Control Ordinance (44th BImSchV). SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology effectively reduces NOx emissions, ensuring compliance with the stricter emission limits stipulated by the ordinance.

The ordinance concerns all existing and new plants with a rated thermal input of 1 to 50 MW that went live after December 21, 2018. The conversion of existing plants can be carried out speedily using the MWM complete solution with SCR technology. Therefore, the plant downtime can be minimized. Following an analysis by the MWM Service and the removal of the existing plant peripherals, the new SCR catalyst is installed. The SCR system is linked to the existing engine control system. Plant operators who install the modular complete solution with SCR catalyst offered by MWM are able to comply fully with the statutory requirements of the 44th Federal Immission Control Ordinance (44th BImSchV).


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