MWM amazes experts with ASA all-wheel-drive tractor

Prototype demonstrates performance of small MWM diesel engines to tractor manufacturers

MWM-all-wheel-drive-tractor-ASADirector Dipl.-Ing. H. Peters (MWM) had commissioned the Institute for Agricultural Work Science and Agricultural Engineering in Imbshausen near Göttingen, headed by Prof. Dr. G. Preuschen, to develop a new all-wheel drive tractor.

The 22-hp KD 215-Z diesel engine from the Mannheim plant was to drive the tractor’s equal-size wheels. However, this test tractor had not been developed for mass production at MWM. This had been ruled out from the outset. Rather, this prototype was to show the many tractor manufacturers that were emerging everywhere after 1945 that the performance of the Lanz 40 could be achieved with this design and a small diesel engine.

Moreover, the main purpose of this tractor was to convince Lanz that the Bulldog production had no future. Lanz rejected the offer of MWM to take over this tractor design without a license or other payments.

However, further developments at Lanz confirmed that the Bulldog really had no future.


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Image: MWM ASA tractor with KD 215-Z diesel engine (22-24 hp)
Source: Letter from Prof. Dr. G. Preuschen dated October 1, 1990