Large machine tools from Mannheim

Cooperation with Hasse & Wrede due to Berlin blockade

Machine tool with headstocksAfter 1945, the machine tool factory Hasse & Wrede in Berlin, which belonged to the Knorr-Bremse Group, was expropriated and dismantled by the Soviets. The Russian blockade of Berlin in 1948 was the reason to try a new start in Munich and Mannheim.

MWM in Mannheim was able to provide space and production capacity for the large parts of machine tools (bases, beds, supports, etc.). The needed small parts (headstocks, chucks, gears, etc.) were supplied from Berlin. The final assembly was carried out at MWM.

The machine tool production was a gain for MWM, because it enabled the company to produce machinery for its own needs directly in-house.
The multi-spindle machines of Hasse & Wrede were a special machine tool design that shortened and improved the production process for many engine parts. The special machines for the MWM manufacturing plant were designed in the MWM department for fixtures and other operating equipment, and their production was also coached by this department.

From 1954, the entire machine tool production of Hasse & Wrede was re-established at a new location in Berlin.


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Picture credits:

Image 1: Hasse & Wrede turret lathe produced in Mannheim
Image 2: A machine tool with vertical and horizontal headstocks. Suitable e.g. for drilling the holes in an MWM KD crankcase.