MWM Designs Its First Vehicle Engine

MWM Diesel Engines Conquer the Market

vehicle-enginesIn the 1930s, MWM developed its first vehicle engine. The terms of the contract concluded with Benz & Cie. in 1922 did not permit MWM to build vehicle engines using the prechamber combustion method, but other diesel technologies were not subject to any restrictions. For example, the MWM vehicle engines of the SS 15 V+S and SS 17 S types, which were built at Süddeutsche Bremsen AG (SB), made use of the postchamber method developed by the engineer Prosper L’Orange. This diesel system was also referred to as “air storage procedure”.

MWM vehicle engines were largely made of aluminum and were especially suitable as substitute for originally gasoline-fired truck engines. In view of the low operating costs and the good reliability of the MWM vehicle diesel engines, many truck owners, including transport companies, began to install MWM engines. The conversion kits for the installation were supplied by MWM.


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Image: Norbert Eisinger